I Like to Movie Movie episode 234 – Fambly Feud (Fast X)!

I Like to Movie Movie episode 234 – Fambly Feud (Fast X)!

Here be spoilers, both in the form of plot points AND those things you put on the back of a car to make it go faster or something! Dan and Stephen continue a long-standing I Like to Movie Movie tradition by diving deep into the latest entry of the soap opera that simply won’t die (or, at the very least, comes back from the dead after dying pretty explicitly). We’re talkin’ cars, Coronas, retcons, Oscars, on-set beefs, fast-acting-but-short-lasting psychedelic muffins, and the biggest question of all: why does Baby Brian regularly change races?

After our epic discussion of all things Fambly, we list our favorite CAR MOVIES.

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