Dan Scully is a writer, humorist, and general layabout who is doing his best to correct that third thing. He is a staff writer for MovieJawn.com and Phindie.com. He hosts the podcasts I Like to Movie Movie and Hot Property. As a lifelong cinephile, Dan often finds that watching movies makes a great substitution for meditation, friendship, and the completion of life goals. He also finds that his sense of humor can get him in trouble while also helping him to understand the world, understand other people, and type anxiety-inducing biographies about himself without losing his damn mind. 

But really, we’re here to talk about you. Yes, you. Sure, this is Dan Scully’s website/portfolio on the surface, but functionally, it is your window to a better life. Do you need something written about movies, comedy, pop-culture, books, true crime, anti-establishment politics, or cheese? Well then I have a deal for you!*

In the meantime, please enjoy all of the weird and wonderful words that come out of my brain! 


*Terms of deal pending further discussion. I’ve got my eye on you.