I Like to Movie Movie episode 242 – The Shining Redux (plus Room 237)

I Like to Movie Movie episode 242 – The Shining Redux (plus Room 237)

Happy Halloween from I Like to Movie Movie!

This year’s seasonal treat marks the first time in Movie Movie history that we’re revisiting a movie that we’ve already covered. Longtime fans will remember that our very first episode was a discussion of Stanley Kubrick’s terrifying masterwork, The Shining! Things are a bit different in the House of Movie Movie these days, but one thing remains the same: One of our hosts is a horror nut, and the other…not so much. Can Dan repeat the magic of converting someone into a horror junkie? Will Stephen find a way to enjoy being scared? Tune in to find out! We discuss the craft, thematic structure, and effectiveness of one of the loosest-but-most-successful Stephen King adaptations while also integrating the ideas put forth in Rodney Ascher’s atypical documentary, Room 237.

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Come back in two weeks for coverage from the upcoming Philadelphia Film Festival and then again two weeks later for our conclusion of this series, in which we’ll be discussing Mike Flanagan’s impossible sequel, Doctor Sleep.

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