I Like to Movie Movie episode 238 – A Few Good Men

I Like to Movie Movie episode 238 – A Few Good Men

Before Oppenheimer and Barbie knock Thomas Cruise Mapother IV out of the multiplex, we wanted to cover one of his most iconic and well-respected films, A Few Good Men. Rob Reiner’s 1992 classic is one that both Dan and Stephen have had on their shame lists for way too long. Welp, not anymore, muchacho! We discuss Rob Reiner’s incredible run of directorial hits, Tom Cruise’s similarities to Chandler Bing, the legal accuracy of the script, and just how strange Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon look with military haircuts. Even amidst a sea of powerhouse dudes, it’s ultimately Demi Moore who steals the show!

After our discussion we count down our favorite movie lines that we use regularly in real life. Can you handle the truth?!?

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