New Episode of I Like to Movie Movie – FACE/OFF

New Episode of I Like to Movie Movie – FACE/OFF

We did it, ladies and gents. I Like to Movie Movie has reached 200 episodes!!! And since we only ever lost one episode to the errors of technology (a rarity in this game), we decided to celebrate our milestone by revisiting our one fallen child: FACE/OFF!

Intrigue, surgery, Thomas Jane, penile consistency/flavor amongst spouses — It’s all here!!

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Unfortunately, this also marks Garrett’s final episode as co-host of the show. Help me to give him a proper send off, and then stay tuned to this space. Garrett has left, but Movie Movie is here to stay. We ain’t goin nowhere. We ain’t. Goin nowhere. We can’t be stopped now. Cuz it’s Bad boys for life!

Note: There will be a two week hiatus before the next episode drops, and despite that silly joke I just made, I will not be returning with an episode on Bad Boys For Life, although I will give consideration to covering that movie in the future. Stay tuned and get excited!!

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