Philadelphia Film Festival – Phindie – A handy link to all my shit!

Philadelphia Film Festival – Phindie – A handy link to all my shit!

Thanks for standing by while I didn’t update anything for two weeks because I was way too busy watching movie after movie after movie after movie at the festival while also managing to squeeze in an IMAX screening of Dune and about 50 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was good to be back in a festival setting after spending the past year enjoying most movies all by my lonesome. Overall it was a good fest, with a lot of exciting movies. While there were no “can’t miss” movies in terms of the larger film conversation (most big ticket items are set for pretty quick release post-fest), there were plenty of cool flicks and a handful of surprises.

I don’t know why, but the olds were well-behaved this year as well. No flare ups of entitlement, no dudes pooping with the stall door open. Nope, the olds were good. A Christmas miracle!

Anywho, enjoy some links!

The Novice

The Sadness

Red Rocket


Mother Schmuckers

One Second

Petite Maman

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes


Catch the Fair One

The First Step

And for lighter coverage of the stuff for which I did not write a proper review, check out my list on Letterboxd.

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